Why Choose Cypress

bear creek cypressBeautiful, Versatile

Cypress is famously known for its color consistency, density, hardness and relative lack of knots. This versatile, distinctive wood lends elegance to any home’'s interior as well as the exterior. Given a suitable surface treatment, which provides UV and moisture protection, today’'s cypress has excellent durability when compared to other species of wood.

Woodworkers often find cypress to be the easiest of all species to work with, as it easily accepts paints and stains. Or, left untouched, cypress will weather into an antique-grey hue.


Among the many benefits of choosing cypress is its natural defense against insects, rot and decay. Cypressene is a natural preservative found in cypress that helps fight unwanted elements.


According to a report by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, more cypress grows than is cut at a ratio of 2.34 to 1 cubic feet per year.