Is cypress a good flooring material?

Yes. Cypress lumber will make a beautiful floor in both interior and exterior applications.

Is cypress easy to work with?

Cypress works well with both hand and power tools. The wood planes easily and resists warping. Pre-boring at board edges will help prevent splitting. Although cypress is resinous, it glues well, sands easily and readily accepts finishes.

How durable is cypress?

Durability has long been one of the outstanding qualities of cypress. The reason is a natural preservative oil known as "cypressene," which gives the heartwood resistance to insects and decay. Cypress' longevity is well documented. Given a suitable surface treatment, today's cypress has excellent durability. It holds paint well and is in the group of woods offering the highest resistance to the elements.

Why is a cypress a good choice?

Cypress is famously known for its color consistency, density, hardness and relative lack of knots. This versatile, distinctive wood lends elegance to any home’s interior as well as the exterior. Given a suitable surface treatment, which provides UV and moisture protection, today’'s cypress has excellent durability when compared to other species of wood.

What types of cypress do you offer?

At Bear Creek Cypress, we offer cypress posts and beams, plywood, lap siding, cabin siding, board and batten siding, center-match and V-joint ceiling, wall and flooring materials, pecky cypress, reclaimed cypress, and many, many custom mouldings. All cypress is available in #1 select and #2.